285a Venture Crescent, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan S7K 6N8, Canada

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Welcome to Wink Custom Lash Artistry •LASHES•SKIN•NAILS•EDUCATION•

Welcome to Wink Custom Lash Artistry •LASHES•SKIN•NAILS•EDUCATION•

Welcome to Wink Custom Lash Artistry •LASHES•SKIN•NAILS•EDUCATION•Welcome to Wink Custom Lash Artistry •LASHES•SKIN•NAILS•EDUCATION•Welcome to Wink Custom Lash Artistry •LASHES•SKIN•NAILS•EDUCATION•
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Wink Custom Lash Artistry

285a Venture Crescent, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan S7K 6N8, Canada

(306) 371-5952


Mon - Fri (10:00am-9:00pm)

Sunday: Class Training



Train with the BEST, and rise above the competition!

Are you fascinated by lashes as much as we are? #LASHNERDS

Hit the ground running with our very intensive & comprehensive eyelash extensions courses. We offer Classic, Russian Volume, or our Boss Babe Bootcamp that is our complete package! 

We are FIFTEEN times certified and counting! So you can trust you are getting the most up to date education available. 

We believe in continued education, and we will deliver every morsel we have ever learned! No stone left unturned.

Please email us directly for all course details, and let us help you skyrocket to the top as a successful Lash Artist!


"I had my first appointment with Kyla today and I was extremely impressed! She has an amazing amount of knowledge and talent, and genuinely cares about the well being of her clients. As a fellow lash tech, when I found out about Kyla's one on one mentoring I jumped at the opportunity.  After all, who wouldn't want to learn from the best?!  Looking forward to learning more from her. I will never look elsewhere for training or mentoring."

~Toni S

"ANGELI!! Awesome work, every. single. time."

~Shenine K

"I loved my experience at Wink. From the moment I walked into the beautiful treatment room, I knew I was in the hands of a professional. Kyla is a masterfully trained lash extension artist. She is meticulous and takes great pride in her lash creations. I always dreamed of lashes like this! She far surpassed my expectations."

~Wendy B

"I went to Wink out of the blue, on a whim, and I am so incredibly glad I did!! My lashes have never looked so amazing, these ladies absolutely kow what they are doing, and they care about each client they have, and I am so happy I switched.  I have never left a lash appointment as happy and overjoyed as I did here!!"

~Summer P

"I can't stress enough how important proper training is within lashing. There are SO many options out there for education, but nothing compares to the Boss Babe Boot Camp! Anyone can pick up tweezers and place some lashes on someone's eyes, but it is so much more than that. You learn about all health risks, complications, contradictions, etc. You learn EVERYTHING through this course, from building your business, to proper techniques, and practice on several models. I love that this course was so hands on and had lots of one on one time with the instructors. The educators were very honest, and helpful with any questions or concerns that I had.They were SO uplifting and positive throughout the entire course. I left feeling so knowledgeable and full of information to pass along to my clients.

Whether you have taken a lash course before and want to freshen up your skills, or you are completely new to the industry, this is honestly the best course you could take... It isn't about making money for these women, it's about educating, training and making girls the best lash techs in the industry.

Take the leap like I did, and go for it! You won't regret it 💕"

-Lauren W

"When I decided to pursue lash artistry I did a lot of looking around into different courses to find the right fit for me.

 Wink Custom Lash Artistry did not disappoint, the price point was great, I was given the necessary supplies to practice the art and most important my teachers were amazing. With a small class size of only four of us, and two teachers, I was able to receive a ton of one on one instruction that I really valued. Not only were they great in class, but they were always prepared to answer any questions or concerns I had after class as well. My course was over in October but I continue to be amazed with the support I receive three months later. I would highly recommend attending Wink if you are looking for amazing instruction, advice and support when pursuing lash artistry."

Erika B

"I felt compelled to write a review as people need to know about Wink Custom Lash Artistry’s Lash extension course!! 

I had a few obstacles in the beginning financially and it looked like at first I may have had to not partake in it.. but it ended up working out and I’m beyond happy that it did!! 

These 2 ladies, Kyla Kidd & Angeli Hernandez, have definitely put in a lot of time & effort to bring something to the Lash industry that was MUCH needed! 

I’ve done some research locally and online as well as talked to people who are currently lash techs. 

One thing is certain that I feel my decision to undertake Wink’s course was a great one!!! The course was detailed and very informative, I learned things about lash extensions that I never knew. I feel that as this industry grows that certification through a learning centre such as Wink’s should be mandatory. I mean after all we are dealing with a major important part of our bodies, our eyes!! 

So with that being said, it was an awesome and rewarding experience being a part of this course & I’d gladly recommend to anyone who’s interested!

 Also, when your course is done the education doesn’t stop there! We are encouraged to keep in touch as well for advice/info and mentoring! From the photos you can see that their work speaks for itself!!! They love what they do, it shows!!! I hope all the best things for these ladies in the future!"

Carolyn B



So what are eyelash extensions anyway?

Depending on your desired look, we will isolate 1 natural lash and apply either 1 classic eyelash extension for a natural look, or hand craft a fluffy volume fan made from ultra light weight volume lash extensions for a more full & dramatic look.

Eyelash extensions are made from PBT fibres and adhered with high quality professional grade adhesive.

What can I expect?

Upon arrival, we will have you fill out an extensive consultation form, and then discuss your desired look and assess your natural lashes.  Styling is determined based upon your eye shape, natural lashes and facial features. After that, you get to relax in pure comfort while we work our magic and transform your beautiful peepers!

How do I care for them?

It's as easy as pie! Take special care to avoid oil based products. Cleanse your lash extensions after sweating, swimming or crying, as oils will break down the bonds. We provide you with a complete after care kit to keep things simple.

Now what?

Be sure to schedule your fills before you leave to keep those beautiful babies looking their best! We recommend every 2-3 weeks.

Now get out there and conquer the world, you beautiful thing! xoxo